Waiting. We wait all the time and yet we hate to wait. Impatience is ubiquitous. It’s all around us. And within me. If you could have one wish, what would it be? Okay, whatever you just wished for, I can guarantee that you want it immediately. Not in a week, not tomorrow, hell if it were up to you, five minutes would be too long. But we wait, we wait for things that matter. You’ll wait for your friend or that dinner date, and you’ll sure as hell wait for that college degree (well most of us unwillingly). What is the point in waiting, does it really make a difference to you? Because it does to me. When you wait for something it matters more, it holds more meaning and shows maturity in the one waiting. But what do I know, I still think waiting is a bore. When I’m done waiting and it’s been worth the wait, I am reminded of all the reasons for why we wait. And so I continue to wait. Hell I’m waiting right now.