The Coffee Shop

His cold face stared down at the open book that lay on the table. The white headphones stood out against his black t-shirt. They were connected to his iPod that also lay on the table –that too was black. His hair was short but looked as if it has grown out from the almost clean-shaven haircut he had gotten a month or so ago. Like his hair, his beard had grown out too. Both were a blonde brown color. The brown being the more prominent of the two. He looked for a single moment towards the clock on the side wall. He was sitting in a small cafe. That was quite unlike a Starbucks you see on every street corner. Quiet, just what he wanted. Other than his coffee of course. Which was black, no milk or sugar. Just the way he liked it. He rarely felt the need to get up or speak to anyone. This was his time and he wasn’t going to waste it spending time with people who he didn’t care about and ones he would never see again. He just wanted to read. Something he hadn’t found time to do in the past. Something that he didn’t like. So he decided that his mid-day break would be his and his alone. No one else’s. He’d only move to refill his water bottle or speak on to ask for more coffee. Other than that, all he would do is read. He wouldn’t let anything get in his way. No unnecessary phone calls, no iPhone apps to distract him. It would be him, his book and his music. The music helping to drown the world out. Helping him to throw himself into the book; into the character’s head. Escape from his life. Not that his was bad. But everyone needs a break sometimes. A bit of peace within the chaos that is life. So he would use this place, this cafe whose name he did not know, to give him that bit of peace. To keep him sane in this cutthroat world of ours. If we don’t there’s always that risk of crossing the line from sanity to insanity.