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I. Indoors; outdoors Outside; inside Sunlight; tubelight The poet must choose   II. Lights on Lights off The glow of the computer illuminates the poet’s minds   III. Turn to a fresh new page Clean, blank –limitless Grabbing the pen,  the poet begins   IV. Look out or look in What do you want to […]

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Imagine you are a poet.   Forget everything else Poetry is your calling, for these next few minutes Can you describe it?   What is the point of a poem? Of poetry, in general Do you know? Does anyone?   A poet looks out at the world Takes in the world; breathes it in And […]

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A poet reads No he devours Others’ works   Reads to steal   Not the superficial language Not the words that are on the page A poet’s theft is far deeper –more meaningful Thoughts and ideas   An idea can change everything An idea is a poet’s strongest weapon   A weapon to cause change […]

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