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A poet reads No he devours Others’ works   Reads to steal   Not the superficial language Not the words that are on the page A poet’s theft is far deeper –more meaningful Thoughts and ideas   An idea can change everything An idea is a poet’s strongest weapon   A weapon to cause change […]

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Les Textos

“Will 2025 be anything like today?” “I feel like I need some coffee. Even though I don’t feel tired at all. I want coffee. I feel like I need. Does that make sense?” “How do you know what you want? Is it a thought, hmmm I want that. OR is it an insatiable urge. I […]

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The Coffee Shop

His cold face stared down at the open book that lay on the table. The white headphones stood out against his black t-shirt. They were connected to his iPod that also lay on the table –that too was black. His hair was short but looked as if it has grown out from the almost clean-shaven […]

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