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Someone once told me

“being optimistic isn’t always the worst choice.”

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The Coffee Shop

His cold face stared down at the open book that lay on the table. The white headphones stood out against his black t-shirt. They were connected to his iPod that also lay on the table –that too was black. His hair was short but looked as if it has grown out from the almost clean-shaven […]

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A beautiful girlDark curls caress her soft napeWhen will I see her? Chocolate eyes –Deep and full, draw me closertaking me away Her pink lipsglistening in the moonlighttaste of strawberry A woman’s body –bare, smooth and supplePure perfection

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In our world today, we are all truly alone. No matter what we do or how hard we try to pretend that we are not alone– by surrounding ourselves amongst people, friends and loved ones. There are those moments, fractions of seconds that remind us of this sad, depressing fact. The fact that no matter […]

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Waiting. We wait all the time and yet we hate to wait. Impatience is ubiquitous. It’s all around us. And within me. If you could have one wish, what would it be? Okay, whatever you just wished for, I can guarantee that you want it immediately. Not in a week, not tomorrow, hell if it […]

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In the Dark of the night, We feel the rain Fal textl text i textt n textttt g We cower and hide Unable to find Courage to cross That Bridge

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The Dark Blue Mercedes

The light turns red.  My car comes to a halt. I look out of the window and my eyes drift upon four gaunt men squatting on the sidewalk outside the Mahim Restaurant. I have seen them before on my way to school. A dark blue Mercedes approaches. The window rolls down. A hand thrusts a […]

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